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Not your average Facebook: social networking for humanists

Remmel Nunn, vice president for new product development at Readex, is
interested the potential for researchers to help one
another through a form of social networking. In “Crossroads: A New
Paradigm for Electronically Researching Primary Source Documents,”
explores how a new tool and a new collection might establish a new
paradigm for presenting, searching, annotating, and sharing material.

And from the Institute for the Future of the Book, a real-life experiment with social reading online.

In mid-October 3-5 readers will begin reading The Golden Notebook and carry out a conversation in the margins. The site will be open and the rest of us will be able to follow their reading and participate in a related public forum.

Who do you think should be the readers? The book is perhaps best known for its role in the beginning of the women’s liberation movements of the 1970s but it also confronts complex issues of race and the political fall-out from the ideological collapse of the soviet union. The original idea was to invite women from different generations, but we’re open to other ideas.

Please, tell us who you would like to see as the designated readers. We’re interested in general categories but also in specific recommendations. You can even nominate yourself. [The Arts Council grant includes a generous honorarium for each of the readers.]


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